RE: “Twitter Lists: Love It Or Leave It”

Category : Social Media

A GeekSugar’s poll asked whether people prefer to “Love or Leave” Twitter’s new feature: Twitter Lists.

More people optioned to “Leave It,” and one comment read:

“Geeeezzz do we REALLY need another way to communicate with each other???????? Duh don’t we have enough? I think it just another reason to change our phones and spend MORE money,and its all for the young consumers… Stupid as they don’t see the REAL picture just yet.”

– Anonymous

That I am compelled to respond: First and foremost, anyone who says that Twitter’s new list feature is useless does not understand Twitter.

And unless you understand Twitter or plan to find out the network’s purpose, you shouldn’t even have an account.

If you don’t want to network, share links, find a job, find a scholarship, build your brand, etc… don’t even make the account.

There are plenty of other networks for people who don’t want to do anything useful!

With all that said, the new lists are a plus. Now when I go to a user’s profile I have another validation source to see if it will be worth it to follow. I ask:

  • Do they have a profile pic? If not, why? Is this a bot?
  • What is their Follower / Following count/ratio? Are they following more people than are following them? Is this a bot or is this person just annoying?
  • Do they have a bio that really describes who they are and why I should follow them? Typically, someone that can’t fill in 160 characters about themselves will not be followed by me.
  • Do they have a website link (even if it’s Mypsace)?
  • What do they tweet about? Just links? Just convo? If they don’t mix it up, that turns me off. If they, that turns me off too!
  • (and now) What lists are they on? If none, why not? If they are only on lists that are useless  like “Internet People”< then maybe I don’t need to be bothered.

From the lists that I’m added to, you can see a few things:

  1. I’m some sort of designer or creative person
  2. I might be a little charming (to someone!)
  3. I know someone that speaks Tagalog and considers me a friend
  4. I Retweet often (if relevant)
  5. I like Hip-hop (or music) and express that freely

There are enough characteristics visible on my page that someone will have enough information to say “I do not want to follow this person!” or “I DO want to follow this person!”.

Furthermore, the hope is that Twitter’s apps will sync with these lists. As of now, the lists you make in applications like Seesmic and Tweetdeck do not sync (the feature is still new).

And #FollowFridays will be much easier considering it is time-consuming as is.

Lastly, if I follow a list of other designers listed by a designer that I admire, I find more people to follow and perhaps to be followed by.

Twitter’s found a way to make me MORE active (as if I’m not active enough) without getting all in my business like… Facebook.