You’re Not “Too Social’ on Social Media, You’re Annoying.

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Shut The Hell Up photograph by Katrin Sofie V

Shut The Hell Up by Katrin Sofie V

Book author Claude Bouchard recently ran into some pissed tweeters who made him second guess his “too social” approach to Twitter.

The backlash was prompted by Claude sending a bunch of greetings to several people, about 23 tweets within just a few minutes that read “May your Sunday ROCK!”

This apparently infuriated some of his followers and they let him know it. Most of the feedback was similar, requesting that Claude greet people all at once or privately and without hogging timelines.

Claude mocked the complaints:

“Heartless bastards that we are, we were cluttering this poor soul’s timeline with our useless sociability which obviously led me to the question, ‘Am I too social on social media?'”

Too social? No. Annoying? Kinda-sorta-yea.

Anyone that uses Twitter knows that when several tweets flood your timeline, it can be annoying and frankly obnoxious. The same is true for any social platform, especially when the messages are repetitive. Imagine seeing 23 instant messages, emails, or text messages coming all at once that aren’t even addressed to you.

My reaction: “Wtf!?!? Block! Asshole.”

When I first joined the Twitter in 2009, I immediately began taking notes from the people I was following:

  • I liked knowing they were human.
  • I didn’t like when they overwhelmed me with updates.

Be sociable. Be considerate.

For three years the sentiments above have not changed. Keeping my own preferences in mind helps me to realize how I want my brand to be seen by others on Twitter. I want people to know we are human, so we thank people for retweets and mentions and respond to almost everything — even some of the nutjobs because it’s fun. We’ll even strike random conversations, greet everyone on holidays, etc.

However, overwhelming our Twitter friends (no I will not call them tweeps) is always a concern as we admittedly tweet frequently. We regularly push out tweets from our blog in addition to posting content from other interesting sites but try to be courteous by keeping the noise as low as possible. We’ll tweet individuals directly, e.g: “@james, hope you have a great weekend!” which is technically “public” but not visible on everyone’s timeline. Alternatively, we’ll greet people all at once, e.g: “Have a great weekend, @james, @bonquisha, @tammy, @blueivycarter!” and then chill for a while.

The bottomline is, there’s absolutely no reason to be a pest when you’re simply “trying to show appreciation.” You might as well be spam. This is not social, just annoying as hell.

image via Katrin Sofie V