The benefits to using audio conferencing for business meetings

Audio conference is used by many businesses to help them save money, maintain communication with clients or employees, and reduce the time spent on meetings.  Meetings are a fundamental part of life when it comes to work; whether you own your own business, manage another, or make up part of a team of directors of a large organisation.  In fact many businesses in the UK already use audio conferencing for meetings that do not require face to face interaction, but statistically it is believed that at least one in five meetings that occur face to face could have been replaced by audio conferencing instead.

There are many great benefits to using an audio conferencing system for your meetings, including things such as financial savings, flexibility, saving time, etc.  The benefits to using audio conferencing for your business meetings are:

  1. It saves you money: One of the biggest spends for a lot of business is arranging and attending meetings, particularly for those businesses that have regular meetings or even have to travel internationally.  Train, plane, car fuel, accommodation, refreshments, etc. are all costs that could potentially be associated with business meetings.  But by using an audio conferencing system, like that provided by Conference Now, you instantly save money which could be otherwise used for another aspect of your business.  In addition, sending your employees to meetings that are not help in your office results in increased spending due to having to potential pay for other staff to replace them in your office.
  2. It frees up valuable time: Audio conferencing can save your business valuable time.  When attending meetings one of the biggest issues is that however long your meeting is scheduled for, you have to add additional time onto that to take into account travel time, traffic delays, the friendly group chat prior to the meeting, etc.  So essentially a meeting that is supposed to last one hour could actually take 4 hours.  Just think about what you could be doing with all of that additional time if you were in your office?  With audio conferencing meetings you literally only spend your time in the meeting without worrying about whether someone is going to get caught up in a traffic jam and delay the meeting by an hour.
  3. It’s incredibly flexible and accessible: One of the best features of audio conferencing is that it is so flexible.  Wherever you are, you can simply dial in and join the call.  So even if you decided to work from home or spend the day on the road, your meeting does not have to be re-arranged or missed.  In addition, because it is such a flexible communications method, if you urgently need to speak to your staff or clients, you can quickly and easily book an audio conferencing call in with Conference Now and your meeting could be arranged instantly.  With face to face meetings there is much less chance that everyone will be available at the same time to attend a meeting, particularly if there is travel involved.  So audio conferencing means you can communicate at anytime, anywhere.

Conference Now was set up in 2002 to provide free audio conference calls to businesses and individuals who require a flexible and reliable communications tool.  Using their state of the art delivery platform, customers near and far can access conference calling at any time- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Add to this, their simple and straightforward set up process, combined with the fact that there are no monthly subscription fees or contracts to sign; you can’t go far wrong if you conduct your meetings through Conference Now.