Recommended Tool: WiseStamp Email Signatures

Category : Social Media

One of my favorite web apps, WiseStamp helps you to create customizable email signatures that easily open up your social world through one of the most utilized methods of communication.

I use two signatures, one for Personal and one for Business that look similar to the image below:

WiseStamp Email Signature

For my signatures, I’ve chosen to add an image, some of my social networks, a few ways to get in direct contact with me, and my Twitter feed. You can also add your website’s RSS feed to your signature.

WiseStamp Features List

WiseStamp includes many exciting and improved fetchers for your email such as:

  • Customize your Email signature
    Design style, Font, Size, Color, images etc…
  • Add updating dynamic content to any email you send
    Automatically Share your latest blog posts, Tweet , Facebook status or Ebay item and more…
  • Easily include your social services& Profiles
    Facebook, Twitter,, IM Services, LinkedIn, and many more..
  • Use multiple signatures
    Create business & personal signatures to insert in your emails.

And more…

  • Easy setup and configuration interface
  • Automatically insert your signature to your webmail services
  • Use multiple email signatures (Business and Personal)
  • Add your personal feeds (rss)
  • Add your logo or image to your signature
  • Easily link to all of your Social profiles & Services + Icons
  • Works with Gmail, Google App’s, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL and more…
  • Option to treat each signature as HTML