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Laser liposuction: 5 things to know

Laser liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that is minimally invasive. It makes use of laser technology to melt away the fat underlying the skin. This procedure is also called laser lipolysis. Laser lipo is an effective and safe treatment for the removal of fat. The side effects are minimally possible. It might take a few days for Laser lipo to settle down, so you may have to wait for those days before starting your daily routine activities. The average cost of Laser liposuction varies from $2,500 to $5,450. For permanent results and to maintain the efficacy of the procedure, one should practice healthy lifestyle habits along with a balanced diet.

In lieu of this brief introduction, let us discuss in detail the five major things that one should know beforehand before opting for this procedure. These are:

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Procedure?

For many people out there, Laser lipo is a safe and effective procedure. This process removes excess fat from under the skin by a minimally invasive technique. Laser lipo is a technique that is often used to remove fat from the back, hips, calves, thighs, face, and stomach. This technique is not meant for removing large amounts of fat, so a suitable candidate should be looking to refine their body shape through this process while also being in good general health. If you are breastfeeding, or are pregnant, or menstruating heavily, then hold off on this procedure. Other major conditions are malignancy, heart diseases, infectious diseases, or acute diseases. In case someone is suffering from these conditions or illnesses, then it is recommended for them to avoid this procedure.

How To Prepare For This Procedure?

Preparation for the procedure depends on the type of anesthesia that will be used for the process along with the type of laser lipo that is being used. If you are on any medication, cease that routine a few days before undergoing this technique. In doing so, any complications or unwanted drug interactions can be avoided. For people who smoke, it is cautioned that smoking tends to increase the duration of healing.

What To Expect During Laser Lipo?

During the procedure, one should not feel any sensation, especially pain. As the procedure is done after administration of an anesthetic agent, any pain that will be felt during the procedure questions the efficacy of the technique, the most of all being the quality of the anesthetic agent used. The surgical area is made numb with the help of a local anesthetic agent. The number of areas that need to be treated along with the type of Laser lipo being opted to decide how long the procedure in itself is going to take. The doctor will use a device to treat certain specified areas with laser energy during the procedure.

What Happens After The Procedure?

After undergoing the procedure, one should feel soreness which is totally normal. This soreness tends to go away gradually with the passage of time. This might take a few days to heal completely. It is recommended to keep your activities to a minimum during this healing process. A compression garment is also worn for a period of time to aid in the healing process. This also tends to minimize the complications. Laser lipo is an effective treatment and provides safe results, but the person undergoing this treatment should adopt a healthy lifestyle after the treatment to keep the effects of the technique permanent.

Advantages Of This Procedure

When compared with traditional liposuction, laser liposuction has many advantages. A laser beam is used to burn the fat within the body, which is then removed metabolically from the body through natural means. The risk of complications is lowered automatically as there is no suction involved in this technique.


Laser lipo is a cosmetic procedure that is done to remove the fat under the skin. The procedure is minimally invasive and effective. It has several advantages over traditional liposuction. The effects of the procedure can be made permanent if one maintains a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering Laser lipo is that it is not a weight-loss treatment.

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