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Jewellery that affects your skin

You may not know this but silver jewelry causes an allergic reaction by making your skin to turn green. However, this reaction is not as visible as it is in gold jewelry. Many people believe that they cannot get allergic reactions when they wear gold jewelry because they think that it is mostly hypoallergenic. However, since silver jewelry causes an allergic reaction and makes the skin to turn green, you cannot say the same thing about it.

How silver jewelry makes your skin to turn green

Silver causes green staining on your skin by oxidizing periodically. Pure gold on the other hand has a limited amount of non-gold metals that are mixed in the alloy and hence, it does not lead to any allergic reaction. Therefore, one of the major reasons that cause skin discoloration is copper.

Why silver jewelry makes your skin to turn green

The purity of silver jewelry is the main reason that makes it to cause an allergic reaction and makes your skin to turn green. According to numerous findings, certain silver jewelry causes green discoloration that leads to an allergic reaction on your skin because it has a very small amount of silver in it. The oxidation of the silver metal that the jewelry has is the main reason behind these effects. Jewelry that is made by using high purity gold that contains 18k or 24k does not cause an allergic reaction on your skin. The same is also true for approximately 925 silver metals.

Mixed metals

The silver ring is a mixed metal or an alloy and it is not made by using pure silver. The green color or skin discoloration can occur because a large amount of copper is present in the metal alloy. The impurity of the copper that is used in the metal is the main reason behind this. Impure copper has an oxidization effect that makes your skin to turn green but pure copper may not cause skin discoloration. In some people, the body chemistry leads to the discoloration by aiding the oxidation process. Sterling silver is ideally supposed to have 7.5% of pure copper. It will most likely cause your skin to stain if the purity does not meet the standards. Experts have found that sterling silver jewelry darkens owing to the effect that gases that are present in the air have on it and consequently, it causes black stains. This effect, which can cause skin discoloration, is referred to as tarnishing.

How to prevent silver jewelry from turning your skin green

You should coat the sterling jewelry with a special substance if you want to prevent tarnishing. It is therefore very important for you to maintain your silver jewelry so that you can apply the coating again when you need to do so. This is because the chemical makeup that leads to the extreme reaction of the silver with the environment largely determines the allergic reaction that is causes. You should complete your ehic renewal so that you can access affordable medical attention if the degree of reaction that the silver jewelry has is high.