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If you have a dog and have recently observed him sneezing, then it’s ideal if you can figure out why. Sneezing is typical in dogs, but you should contact a veterinarian if they are sneezing excessively. According to my experience and reading, there are six probable reasons for you to learn more about your dog.


Seasonal Allergies

The most prevalent cause of sneezing is seasonal allergies. If the dog sneezes after returning from a walk or if your window is left open, he’s most likely sneezing due to the weather outdoors. It would be preferable if you medicated it appropriately. You should get advice from your veterinarian. Steroids are also used in a few cases of allergy.


Food Allergies

It needed to observe the behaviour of the dog after food intake. If it sneezes after some time of its meal, that means the dog has a food allergy. Dogs with food allergies tend to be affected by the skin, coat, and digestive system instead of the respiratory system. For food allergies in dogs, the vet usually recommends giving ingredients with high protein. The change has to be slow, so the dog doesn’t suffer from stomach upset. 


Inhalation Of A Foreign Object

Habitually the dogs sniff items that sometimes get lodged in their nasal passage. This might cause blockage in its airway, or the problem could be in the nose. It mainly occurs if the dog is sniffing small broken toys. In that case, if the dog has inhaled a foreign object, you need to take him immediately to the emergency. In any case, a dog needs to be treated by a professional and get that item removed.


Nasal Tumor

If the dog has a nasal tumour, it is observed that it might sneeze frequently. This may increase with time. There might be other respiratory symptoms; if the tumour grows, this may cause coughing, runny nose, and wheezing. Your vet will work on this to medicate as soon as possible. In some cases, it can be removed through medicine. Else chemotherapy is required to shrink the tumour.


Dental Problems

If the dogs are left untreated for a long time, the dental problem occurs. Rotten or damaged teeth, infections of the teeth or roots, and all such issues related to the mouth may cause sneezing in dogs. Frequent dental examination by the vet is highly important. It prevents dental problems in dogs. This is observed that people who keep dogs usually ignore their dental care. But if you find your dog sneezing frequently, a dental examination is a must.


Dog Communication

This is the last but very common cause of sneezing dogs. Dog sneeze to talk to one another. They communicate with their families. They sneeze to show their happiness and excitement. It is observed that a dog sneezes to show their excitement for a walk or if they greet you at the door. There is then simply nothing to worry about.

Other than all the six reasons for sneezing discussed, there are some others. Like my dog sneezes to take attention and show his interest in playing. I can figure out with it fake sneezing. The idea is used to capture attention when they move closer to you and sneeze loud, so you don’t ignore their presence. Few dogs are allergic to the perfumes you use or some cooking smell that’s coming from your kitchen. Such dogs instantly get allergic to unpleasant odours, and they start sneezing.

Similarly, tiny pups are weather-sensitive; they begin sneezing after a shower. It is necessary to dry their bodies and keep them warm; otherwise, they may contract the flu. All pet owners should think about the essentials of pet care. It covers hygiene, the environment, and food. It is also essential to take your pet to the vet on a regular basis for a general checkup.