Is Integrated Media Monitoring Beneficial For Your Brand?

In the UK, media monitoring becomes a truly competitive one and there are multiple marketing companies claiming to offer best results for you. Most of them hide truth from you and tell you only things you wish to hear. In case of monitoring an integrated platform you have to be even more careful. Here are three important features that comprise an essential integrated platform for media monitoring. Make sure that your favorite company incorporates these features in the platform.

Content Integration:

For your brand, the first thing that immediately comes to your mind when you hear the term integration is content. Content integration does not signify integrating social content as well as those of traditional media. While both conventional and social media monitoring platforms available in the industry, not all social media and tradition media combine the content in same workspace. In a nutshell, media content must be treated in equal terms.

It means that social as well as traditional media content must be viewed on one single display so that the brand gets an absolute view of the whole media landscape. The brands must feel relaxed dealing with various kinds of content. Once the media content is uploaded on a single platform, the necessary tools used for analyzing as well as monitoring the content must be equal for different types of media, starting from Facebook, television to print media.

Integration of tool set:

Indeed, tool set integration must offer everything a good brand needs, not the content but also the tools as well as applications required working with the content. While discussing the value proposition of integrated platform, people often asked how it rightly differs from all kinds of free alert tools of media. These integrated tools offer timeliness as well as comprehensiveness and also help you to locate important content. Once the content is located, the integrated tool also allows you to evaluate it as well as share the content with the colleagues.

On the other hand, if you use single tool to locate the content, you may require additional tools or applications for each function. It increases complexity as well as time to all the tasks you require to complete the entire job. In different workplaces, only few people have the responsibility to collect, curate as well as disseminate content critical to the business decision. An excellent platform must be able to streamline the procedure to make the work easier and at the same help you save your money as well as time.

Integration of workflow:

An integrated monitoring platform helps in collaboration process thereby reducing the inbox impact and keeping the messages relevant contextually. If the integrated media platform incorporates the content as well as tools used in the monitoring activities, then the work collaboration with the colleagues can be achieved easily. For example, you can use this type of platform to get rid of the email clutter and want to have all the important messages within a particular context and not relying on the emails for any kind of business correspondence. You can also make use of integrated platform for better workflow management. You may often assign a particular task to your colleagues and ask them to tweak the keywords for monitoring, give a brief to a reporter on a specific story or even disseminate task while you are busy at your office conference room. In the similar manner, an integrated platform reduces the need to use an individual tool to analyze or disseminate the content while connecting your colleagues within a single integrated platform.

To sum up, the main objective of such an integrated platform is to take the work that is happening outside and bring the same inside the platform.