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How to Pick The Best Luxury Limo For Your Prom

Now that we are getting closer to prom, it is on teens and parents to make smart choices regarding a limo to rent, especially since it’ll probably be somewhat chaotic. So how do you choose a correct limo? Is expensive better? Will the kids be safe? Here are some things you should look into before you make that decision.

Feel the vehicle

Spending hours figuring out a great deal isn’t good enough; if you simply do research work, you’ll have no idea how the car itself is going to be, do you? What happens when a busted up 70s smoke filled limo shows up at your door-step and it’s too late to look for another limo. You can’t just refuse to pay the guy and sit on the curb; there’s a prom that needs attending. Avoid such hassles by physically going to the company and seeing the cars first-hand. After you make a reservation, make sure there is a written agreement which clearly states the actual limousine which will be used and the price.

Total cost

After prom ends and you’ve had a blast, you’ll see the credit card bill. It is a whopping 300$ and way more than you thought it was going to be. It’s been a while and you aren’t in touch with your friends; you can’t ask them for money. So will you pay for it? Always ask for the total cost. Things such as 20% mandatory gratuity, additional charges for stops, surcharges, 20% tip and all kinds of other fees are commonplace. Ask the limo company about all these things and to provide some written confirmation clearly stating the total cost. You don’t want an unpleasant surprise waiting for you when you see your credit card bill.

Collect funds

On occasion, it can be very hard for everyone involved to agree and commit to your grand limo entrance before the prom. Things can change very easily, dates flake, even couples breaking up the night before prom, all of it is within the realm of possibility. Just to be on the safe side, collect all cash from all parties involved as soon as you can and immediately give all of it to your mom, dad or the person paying for it with their credit card. If you wait till prom night and unfortunate events occur, you’ll probably have to do the dishes till you leave for college.

Legality of company

You think you’ve done the hard bit by actually able to find a limo for rent during this ridiculously busy season for limo rentals. You are riding along with your friends, admiring your date’s long formal dress and thinking about the great night you are going to have. Then a cop pulls the limo over and tells everyone to get out. Turns out he chauffeur doesn’t have a valid driver’s licence. And your big night is over, just like that. Make sure your limo company is licensed, and all their vehicles are insured, have had regular CHP inspections, have maintenance every two months and employ trained, drug-tested and licensed chauffeurs.