How To Claim A BOAT Warranty?

Imagine Marketing Service Private Limited, also known as a BOAT, was formulated in November 2013. BOAT is an Indian-based company that markets electronic devices such as earphones, headphones, smartwatches, travel chargers, home audio equipment, mobile accessories, and many more. Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta co-founded it. In 2020, BOAT was declared the number 1 company known for selling truly wireless and earwear in India. The same year, it was declared the 5th largest wearable brand globally. The company is sponsoring six major teams of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The products of BOAT are worth the money spent on them. It provides excellent quality products that are affordable and are utterly fashionable.
BOAT offers to those who like to groove, are always on the move, and highly appreciate good and affordable quality products. They greatly appreciate all those BOAT heads who have invested in their products and have supported them throughout the years. The support of their customers has led them to be declared the number 1 brand in India. Because of this, they also support their customers and offer them the best warranty and replacement policies. It ensures that the product bought by the customer is up to the mark and is by the needs and usage of the user. But if by some chance ad default occurs in the product or it is not by the features it mentions, then a great replacement and warranty policy has been put in place by this company.

Their replacement policy offers that the consumer can change it within seven days of buying it if they find a default in the product.
They can also replace the product if they find that the product delivered to them is not working or is defective, then it will be replaced with a brand new product. If the product received is not by the specifications mentioned on the product or site, it is also replaceable within 24 hours of being bought. A no return or refund policy is followed at the company; however, the product can be replaced.

To claim a warranty at this company is a very easy process. Every product at the company has a 1-year warranty policy. Within the year, if the customer faces any problem regarding the product, they can quickly call the company’s customer support and report their claim. They can also go on the company’s official site and click on register a complaint, provide the life of their product when it was bought, its defect, and its issue. A customer support official will look into the query and get back to you within 24 hours. They will tell when they will come to your house to look at the product and fix it or replace it altogether. The customers of the BOAT company shall not sweat if their product is not working up to the mark because the company ensures the satisfaction of their customers and does not let them down.

BOAT was established not so long ago and is flourishing and achieving success as the years progress. They have been formulated with the primary goal of developing highly qualified products and satisfying their growing clientele. They are doing all this just because they have significant policies and regard their customers as their number 1 priority.

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