Facebook Forcing “Real Names” Creates Privacy Concerns

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I’ve used several aliases over the past few years and “theComplex” is now a part of my company brand so I use it very often.

I am commonly known as “Plexi” and sometimes “Nae,” my nickname. I’ve even allowed the internet to know me as “Lanaé” in some places, my real first name.

However on Facebook I’m forced, for perhaps legitimate reasons, to use a real FULL name and I absolutely hate it!

My Issue

While I started out with just friends from school, as Facebook opened its doors to more people the types of people I have added are changing. Because of this, I have Privacy Controls on everything! My status messages and links, profile info, and even some foto albums are blocked from my co-workers, some clients, some older family members, and some “others”. These “others” are people that I just don’t want knowing that much about me. A lot of them are online contacts that just wanted to connect.

So now I’m wondering if I should just lieto these Online contacts and say I don’t use Facebook. What’s the point really…? They can’t see my links… so they can’t comment or provide feedback. And if this group ends up making up 30%+ of my friend list, posting links at all will be useless. After all, a lot of these people have been the most active friends from wherever other site we met. I want to include them and I WANT their opinions on some things… just not everything.

Solutions on the horizon?

In my search to find others like myself who do not want to use their real name online, I found an article about a new roll out of Privacy Settings from Facebook. They already allow you to block certain friend groups from seeing certain sections but now it will work a little differently. What about when I DO want a group to see THIS link?

“[Facebook] will allow members to specify which groups or individuals are able to see EACH text update, photo or video they post on the site. For example, the controls would make it easy for a user to remind all the family members on Facebook about a surprise birthday party, while excluding the birthday girl.”

This is almost exactly what I wanted when I first discovered the site’s ability to block ‘Company Contacts’ from seeing ‘Photos from Las Vegas’. I want the option to broadcast to ‘Company Contacts’ when appropriate! Genius!

But wait…

Another Suggestion

Since I can block my ‘Others’ group from seeing my friends list or school info, how about the ability to SHOW or HIDE Full Name? To some I’ll be ‘FIRST NAME/LAST NAME’ and to others ‘FIRST NAME ONLY’.

Thoughts? Are you okay with having your real identity online?