Facebook Finally Fixes Scheduled Posts Interface

Facebook rolled out its Scheduled Posts feature for Pages over a year ago and it has been in desperate need of some slight UI design changes.

Facebook Scheduled Posts Feature

Facebook Scheduled Posts Feature

Unlike scheduling functionality on tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, Facebook has made you manually choose a year, then a month, a day, and finally a time.

This may all seem insignificant, but any Page manager will tell you that it has been a pain to quickly get several posts scheduled.

Facebook's Redesigned Scheduled Posts Feature

Facebook’s Redesigned Scheduled Posts Feature

Now, the post date is automatically generated (starting with today’s date) and allows day selection through a javascript calendar.

The time is also easier to add and includes more intervals; it can be entered by typing in a number and selecting a choice.

And if you choose a time that has already past, you don’t have to refresh the page and start over. This is a welcomed improvement!