3 Top Business Phone System Options for You

Do you own a business or do you want to embark upon a new venture with business ideas in mind? If the answer is yes, then you should consider investing in a good business phone system. In a business irrespective of its size, every call counts.

You will always want your business to be equipped with state of the art technology. If you have ever faced faulty network and telephone connections in your office you have probably understood by now how important communication is for a business. The first impression of the business often leaves a long lasting effect on the customer’s mind, so choose your telephone system wisely to set the image straight. With an impressive telephone system, you’ll instantly earn brownie points from the customer.

Various business phone services are available for small businesses, namely:

  • PSTN [Public Switched Telephone Networks]
    This telephone service has evolved through the years and will give you perfect connectivity just like the landline telephone back at your home. PSTN allows you to seamlessly connect with any other phone of the world in a jiffy. Along with Voicemail and Auto-Attendance, PSTN is really effective for small businesses. However, you have to come up with space for telephony hardware in your office if you plan to install PSTN. On the downside the hardware for PSTN is expensive along with high costs of scaling and making international calls.
  • Session Initiation Protocol [SIP]
    SIP is much different than PSTN as it does not use analogue telephone lines. It will use your office’s broadband facilities to make calls. However to install and use SIP in your office you need a PBX [Private Branch Exchange] along with SIP Trunking connectivity. PBX helps you to primarily establish a secure connection with the internet to make calls. For that you need to have VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol to activate a PBX’s connection. Though a VoIP system is pocket friendly and technologically advanced, it is not feasible if your business has low internet bandwidth.
  • You can also avail the service of a combination of PSTN and VoIP Phone system to establish seamless communication in your business. Such a system will not only give you cutting edge service but will also be economical in the long run for your business.

So, you can pretty well understand how a business phone systems can do affect your business both in a positive as well as in a negative way. Suppose a customer tries to contact you and at that very moment your phone system crashes, neither will you be able to communicate with your customer nor will the customer have a very good impression of your establishment. So you have to invest not only in a good telephone system but also in its maintenance. You do not want to lose customers over a faulty telephone connection do you? So, invest in a telephone system wisely and see for yourself how your business starts to flourish.

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