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While Cliqset was a social media tool that I really loved (much more than Friendfeed), it just never caught on with the masses.

For me, Cliqset’s features and design were cleaner and easier to manage while Friendfeed is constantly crashing and is full of errors.

Hopefully someone else can come into the social aggregation space and give Friendfeed some real competition. — Social media aggregator Cliqset Inc., has closed for business. The Jacksonville-based company announced last month that Darren Bounds and Charlie Cauthen were leaving the company, but that it would remain operational for an indeterminate amount of time. For some time the site displayed a “Sorry, we’re closed” banner.

Cliqset was a social media aggregator similar to Friendfeed, which was recently required by Facebook.

Bounds, who co-founded the company in 2008 with Cauthen, said the current environment is a tough one for any social media company.

He pointed to three necessary elements to a successful social organization – relevance, community and technology. Of those three, he said community was the most difficult to build.

“You have to have an enormous differentiation, It’s tough to do with the force behind Facebook.”

Bounds said he believes something similar to Cliqset will exist in the future.

For now, he’s exploring job offers and determining what his next project will be.